CORPOREAL WRITERS: Online - Queer Bodies/Queer Forms- Starts October 6

Queer Bodies/Queer Forms: Leaving Behind the Retrograde w/ Cooper Lee Bombardier- Starts October 6, 2019.

“Queer Bodies/Queer Forms opened up new worlds to me that I didn’t know I was missing until I took this course. It was like entering another cosmos and I found it exciting, fascinating, intellectually challenging, deep, and rich. It gave me new perspectives and points of view, alternative ways to think and view my writing and gave me access into my own material, how to get it on the page differently or even at all.” 

 –KT, former Corporeal Writing student of Cooper

“Queer Bodies/Queer Forms was a challenging, paradigm shifting experience for me.  Cooper gently invited us to explore a wealth of new techniques and methods in our writing and provided gentle but specific feedback that was immediately actionable.  I feel like I’ve grown exponentially as a writer and would recommend the class to anyone looking to push at the boundaries of what they think is possible with the written word.” –JH, former Corporeal Writing student of Cooper